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US Air Force Metal Wall Art Home Decor

The United States Air Force emblem was created in 1947 by combining the elements of three previous service emblems. The United States Air Force emblem is a tribute to the history of our past and a promise for our future. It incorporates some of the basic features of our Air Corps heritage, such as “Arnold” wings and a star with a circle.

US Air Force Metal wall art is a great way to commemorate the history of the United States Air Force. It also makes an excellent gift for the Air Force veteran in your life or someone who is serving in the US Air Force today!


Test Depth Customs/Metal Art Hub, located in El Paso, Texas, is a veteran-owned company that has produced hundreds of one-of-a-kind metal military art and home decor.  They produce our US Air Force metal wall art and military decor in-house, ensuring every piece of highly detailed artwork is done perfectly. This article will explore the history of the US Air Force Emblem and how Metal Art Hub has translated it into a lasting work of metal art.

The History of the US Air Force Emblem

In 1947, General Carl A. Spaatz requested that a team review designs from World War II and combine them to create a new service emblem for the USAF. The winged star design was incorporated into our official service emblem, symbolizing “freedom” through airpower.




Air Force symbol with US flag background metal art

US Air Force metal art is a great gift for any Air Force Veteran, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or any

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The USAF emblem

The US Air Force emblem is composed of two distinct symbols. The upper portion, which depicts the stylized wings, represents our force’s stripes — enlisted personnel and women. They’re drawn with considerable angularity to underscore our speed and strength. They’re divided into six parts to reflect the various capabilities:

  • Air and space dominance
  • Global attack
  • Rapid global mobility
  • Precision engagement
  • Information superiority
  •  Agile combat support.

In the lower half of the emblem are a sphere, a star, and three diamonds. The globe is symbolized by the ball within the star. It reminds USAF officers of their duty to protect the country’s freedom through:

  • Global Vigilance
  • Reach, and
  • Power.

The globe also serves as a reminder that as an expeditionary force, they face the challenge of reacting quickly to crises while also providing decisive aerospace power worldwide.

USAF is born

The United States Air Force was created in 1947 after the Second World War ended when the Army Air Corps dissolved, creating the US Air Force. It is one of the five branches of our nation’s defense services under the Department of Defense.

The US Air Force emblem reflects this change, replacing the traditional bombardier wings in favor of a sleeker design consisting mainly of chevrons and triangles. This emblem symbolizes aircraft speed and precision in aerial bombing missions during WWII.

The Air Force’s emblem was meticulously designed to represent not only the service’s history but also its future. Depending on how you look at it, the emblem can take on two forms: a medal of valor in service or our nation’s emblem of freedom, an eagle. The US Air Force emblem is rich in symbolism, representing the service’s core values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all they do.

Military Metal Art: US Air Force Home Decor

The United States Air Force emblem is proudly displayed in homes across America in the form of wall art home decor that serves as a reminder of American pride in being able to accomplish complex missions no matter how difficult or dangerous they may be without hesitation or question. These wall décor pieces are proudly displayed not only because it represents honor but also because it represents our nation’s dedication to pursuing peace in all that we do.

US Air Force metal art makes a perfect gift for yourself, a family member, or a friend. It also decorates nicely with other military decorations inside of homes, man caves, and elsewhere. This wall art would even look great in the barracks or dormitory areas to remind service members of home each time they lay their eyes upon the Emblem’s distinct features!

For example, Metal Art Hub offers various military metal art for all branches of the military. The USA Flag metal sculpture is highly customizable with the text of your choosing and is available in five different sizes. This metal product is a great way to display your patriotism.

Custom metal artwork

Custom metal art offers not only a beautiful decorative piece but also serves as a tribute and remembrance to the veteran’s service and experiences. It is an excellent method to express patriotism while also creating an artistic focal point in your house or workplace. Metal Art Hub offers products for all branches of the military, including:

Metal wall hangings, for example, may be used to decorate a home in a beautiful manner while also commemorating veterans who have served our great country. Metal wall art accessories are among the most popular among military veterans and family members of veterans.


US Air Force Metal Wall Art from Test Depth Customs/Metal Art Hub can be found hanging in homes all across America. These pieces truly make a statement about the enduring legacy of the United States Air Force. They also serve as a reminder to everyone who sees them to respect those who have served in our USAF throughout history. For more information on metal wall art accessories, please visit the Metal Art Hub blog.