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Chip Pomeroy

Veteran of the United States Navy who has dedicated his life to producing large-scale, custom metal sculptures. Metal art hub,  is a veteran-owned business in El Paso, Texas.

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About Chip

Christopher ‘Chip’ Pomeroy is a custom metal artwork fabricator and Navy Veteran who has dedicated his life to creating large-scale, one-of-a-kind, 3D Steel sculptures. His studio, Test Depth customs/Metal art hub, is a veteran owned business based in El Paso, Texas, and has produced hundreds of pieces of unique metal artworks. Chip’s unwavering attention to detail has earned him the reputation of being the best in his craft and has led to multiple private commissions as well as commercial commissions. He enjoys working on custom projects that push the boundaries of what has been done with the steel medium and welcomes all ideas from private collectors and businesses alike.

Chip’s Career

A self-proclaimed ‘wrencher’, Chip’s began his career in the Navy only a few weeks right before the September 11th attacks. His experience as a Machinist Mate in the military has taken him from the depths of the Pacific Ocean during Operation Iraqi Freedom, living in nuclear submarines for months at a time, to working on intricate engines and mechanics with commercial and private vehicles. The namesake of his website, Metal art hub, is a direct homage to the submarines he spent years in.

A Passion Is Created

Chip’s passion for custom metal art works came from a place of practicality. As an avid zombie culture fan, many years ago, Chip had built the perfect apocalypse-themed motorcycle with the expected trimmings: green underbody lights and a Rhino-lined exterior. The only problem was that only missing one piece: an emblem that Chip designed and had the metal to create, but no plasma cutter to make the piece. He searched for a metalsmith willing to take on the small project but found no one who would be able to take on the simple task at a reasonable price. It was in this moment that Chip’s entire career and life trajectory would be poised to take a new and interesting turn.Chip is a direct metal welder and uses a wire-fed welder and plasma cutter to cut and weld his metal wall art words or sculptures together. Over the years, he has created and refined his fabrication methods and grown his studio to make not only military metal art, but also custom outdoor metal art, vehicle add-ons, and commercial pieces.

All In the Family

Chip’s studio has become a family business, with his wife helping him with marketing and his father helping with administrative tasks and financials. As more energy was dedicated to Metal art hub, one of his designs became a raving hit: his Submarine Warfare pin. Orders from all over the country started pouring in for Navy metal wall art, which catapulted his business to a new level of success that he hadn’t expected before. From there, he began receiving commission requests from large-scale transportation companies and wholesale dealers who were eager to stock his designs in-store. Although Chip will always have an unwavering commitment to the military community, he produces Christian metal wall art, uniquely crafted metal wall art words. He can personalize any existing designs or make brand-new designs from scratch, exactly to any client specifications.

Custom Commissions

Despite the relative commercial success that his studio has enjoyed, Chip doesn’t hesitate to work on custom military metal art pieces for individuals, especially military members and their families. Not only is this an excellent way to give back to and connect with the military community in such a meaningful way, but it’s also a way to push the boundaries of his craft consistently. Over the years, Chip has collected and upgraded to different cutting and plasma tables and is in the process of installing a new state-of-the-art paint booth in his studio and will eventually add a powder coating station to his workspace. One of the signature looks he has mastered in his custom metal work, is the ability to transform an ordinary sheet of metal into something that looks almost identical to glass. Each decorative sculpture is hand-painted and polished to perfection. A new customer might look twice and think a piece is more delicate than it is. Every custom outdoor metal art piece is made to withstand the elements. Chip’s custom works have shipped to all parts of the globe, including Japan. There’s nearly no limit to where these custom sculptures can be shipped. He’s sent Senior chief anchors metal signs to aircraft carriers in remote parts of the world, as well!

More Than Sculptures

In addition to custom art pieces and metal sculptures, Chip loves creating custom bumpers, grills. headache racks, gates, and roll cages for sport utility vehicles. A proud owner of a 5-ton military surplus vehicle himself, Chip loves the creative challenge to create a piece that is both utilitarian and fun to make.

Dedicated to our Veterans

Chip hopes to restore a feeling of pride through the beauty of his patriotic metal art. By restoring the respect associated with a symbol, such as a flag, he has done his part in telling the stories of the service members and law enforcement members and the sacrifices they make daily to help make their communities stronger, safer, and freer. As a member of USSVI (United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated) Chip is on a dedicated mission to bring the community together through his military metal sculptures. He has donated some of his most detailed works for multiple military fundraisers and nonprofits in El Paso, TX. Chip hopes that the camaraderie at events like these can help fuel more storytelling and connectivity within the military members who find themselves suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or isolation and feelings of despair. A job well done is when a client is rendered speechless by the beauty of their creative vision coming to life in a custom metal art form. Chip is absolutely dedicated to the customer experience and will do everything in his ability to make sure that each experience with him is an excellent one.

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A job well done is when a client is rendered speechless by the beauty of their creative vision coming to life in a custom metal art form.

Always glad to support my fellow veterans companies. This one does not disappoint. My dolphins turned out way better than I thought!

Michael J Crichton

Literally a 15 out of 10. Excellent craftsmanship. Honest and reasonable prices. Fast turnaround given the complexity and attention to detail.

Scott Lang

Received my dolphins and they look great! Good Job, fast service. Thanks!!!

Scott Vaden

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